Diver information

Following the registration of your appeal, you will be contacted by a member of the committee who will want to gather information from you about your medical health.

This is likely to include results of any investigations you may have had, recent examination findings and other doctor’s letters.

You will be asked about your diving history and the type of diving you hope to do in the future.

Having gathered all relevant information your case will be discussed at a committee meeting. If required other specialist opinions will be sought. These may incur costs which will be paid by you the diver.

If other investigations are recommended prior to a final decision these will be communicated to you and your medical referee. Any costs incurred for these investigations will need to be paid by you the diver, and will need to be arranged in your local area via your medical referee or GP, and the results passed back to the committee.

The final decision reached by the committee will then be communicated to you and your medical referee.

If it is decided that you are fit to dive you will be asked to return to your medical referee for a final examination and issuing of a fit to dive certificate. Where this is not appropriate, issuing of a certificate will be organised by the committee.

If you wish to appeal a decision made by a Medical Referee, please contact the UK Diving Medical Committee via the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website. Please put ‘Appeal’ in the Subject Heading. Alternatively, please email the secretary, David Wilmot; david.wilmot1@btopenworld.com

Referees: In difficult fitness to dive decisions or where there has not been definitive conclusion from a Forum Case Discussion, please refer to the committee for further support via the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website. Please put ‘Referee Advice’ in the Subject Heading.