Chronic Pain

Chronic pain medication – eg. gabapentin / pregabalin / carbemazepine:
If chronic pain symptoms are controlled by the medication, the diver’s functionality is not affected and they are not suffering side effects from the medication that could interfere with diving e.g. drowsiness, then diving may be considered. Confirmation of control of symptoms and lack of side effects would be needed from the diver’s GP or consultant. A depth restriction of 20m is prudent to limit potential interaction of pressure, nitrogen narcosis and the medication. The diver should be limited to no decompression diving in case a direct ascent to the surface is required. The diver should only be on one type of chronic pain medication (which may be in addition to simple analgesia). They should only dive with experienced buddies and not trainees and their buddy should be aware of their condition and the medication they are taking for it.