Sea Sickness Medication

The problem with sea-sickness medication is that some of these tablets may make you drowsy and may therefore predispose you to nitrogen narcosis.

It is strongly advisable to find the medication which best suits your body. First, you should purchase a type recommended by your local pharmacist (e.g. Stugeron), and take a test dose at a time when you are not driving or diving. If you become drowsy, you will know the medication does not suit you, and you must then try another type. This procedure should be repeated until you find one which does not make you drowsy. It is important to note that the one which suits you best may not suit your buddy at all. This is nothing to worry about and is due to differing body metabolism.

Your initial dives on this medication should be shallow and depth should be gradually increased over subsequent dives in order to minimise the possibility of adverse effects on a deep dive. Beware of the possible additive effects of this medication with prolonged use. If any drowsiness is experienced, you should not take a dose on that day.

At the start of a new diving season, prior to diving, it is advisable to retest yourself in this way to ensure that your chosen medication still suits you.